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A parent comforts their child, on a night when the parent knows their home could be bombed -- the real-life scenario for parents in the mindless, brutal, infinitely tragic arenas of war.
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A 'musical antidote' to the pervasive images of war we live with. Live performance with a high school chorus. Large audience joins in singing.
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With deepest respect for the men and women who served in #Vietnam .... With profound disdain for the "leaders" who sent them there ....
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Stock market fears are raging. My song about 'Black Mondays .... Fridays'' to come, and the people in charge who are chompin' on their fingernails as Halloween approaches!.
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In the Florida debacle of 2000, many liberal, elderly Jewish voters (my Dad's generation) in Palm Beach County intended to vote for Al Gore, but, confused by the notorious 'Butterfly Ballot', mistakenly voted for conservative Pat Buchanan
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Hey, it's the 40th anniversary of the launch of Skylab. that ill-fated gargantuan space station that CRASHED TO EARTH on July 11, 1979, prompting "Chicken Little" fears worldwide!
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A lonely synapse, trapped in the barren wasteland of George W. Bush's brain, searches for a partner to connect with.
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Winter is the perfect season for Oil Companies to triple their profits. Celebrate their blizzard of new profits with this Holiday tribute.
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