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lounge inc
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Lounge Inc produces groovy music,easy listened to with jazz,pop and contemporary electronic music.
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instrumental piece , atmospheric
collab thrue steinberg cubase forum with Early21 on guitar
evocative piece
funky piece with my old hammond sax by Wim Koopman
Peak in sub-genre #21 1 1
Bass by Lenny Lee Sax by Wim Koopman
Lounge Inc remix from a Anthony A tune
a collab with Thomas Vogt on guitar & percussion thru the cubase.net forum
Peak in sub-genre #65
Vocals by Peter Yttergren from Sweden. Nergretty.com
evocative,introspective theme
1.50 minute piece for dance solo
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Frenzy Frenchy
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Happy youre famous
Instrumentals - New School
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