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TAO X Records is a small independent label dedicated to the goal of inspiring and facilitating the creation and dissemination of serious,highcaliber,Experimenta
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Peak in sub-genre #51
Techno mixes with Film Score sound and finesse to produce an imaginative re-score for this Kaiju battle soundtrack clip
Peak in sub-genre #84
Trailer music track for the Van Hazelaar Productions Motion Picture, "Mortuary"
Peak in sub-genre #71
Kaijusonic created this track for all fans of the old Giant Monster movies, this is a new electronic take to score to those memories that still has a retro-reminiscence
Peak in sub-genre #63
Dark solemn Requiem that was used as an intro to Live Morpheus performances.
Peak in sub-genre #62
Clip from the trailer for Unstoppable Pacific Productions "Blood Reaper" composed by T.Reed/TAO X Productions.. Go Check out the News and See The trailer at: http://www.unstoppablepacific.com/hello.html
Peak position #66
Dark cryptic Intelligent Industrial Metal by the Midwest's Techno Metal Masters of the 90s. Out of Print.
Peak in sub-genre #17
The hauntingly beautiful chanting of Sandhya Sanjana weaves its way organically through the electronic programming and keyboards of C.Wing and T.Reed, for the "Walk Skip Run Glide" project.
Peak in sub-genre #19
A Jailbreak from the prisons of the mind. Dark heavy Ethnotech Drum n Bass by Producer/ Composer T.Reed for "Warlock's Creepshow" (DJ/CD project).
Peak in sub-genre #18
WARNING STRANGE! BEWARE!...Strange toxic people addicted to strange toxic lives make for one strange toxic song...unlike anything else on this site! ...Brings to mind the Residents.
Peak in sub-genre #16
Droning haunted interplanetary landscapes as seen through the "Sonicsupercollideascope". Decomposition 1 appears on "Brotherhood of the Drone" Volume I - TAO X Records.
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