Warriors Of Chaos
Electronic DFW, TX  USA
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Not a band at all... electronic music production.
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Peak in sub-genre #11
A little adventure to the far East. Some day I hope to see people dance the Robot to this in unison.
Driving bass patterns... uplifting melodies and all that good stuff.
Peak in sub-genre #11
"Twisted and Evil" Tight beat and good industrial/dark sort of piano thing going on. Some samples to add effect. Really hot track.
Peak in sub-genre #70
Kind of down tempo beat with some nice sounds leading the way.
Peak in sub-genre #21
Wailing guitars and wokka wokka. Surf by the tie-dyed moonlight.
Peak in sub-genre #31
Started as a hip-hop song.. and probably will be after adding some lyrics. Ended up kind of electro and laid back.. really deep and kick ass track!
Peak in sub-genre #77
Off kilter guitar string and eerie, dark atmosphere.
Peak in sub-genre #78
Wahs and Raves (aka Electric Whale).. what whales listen to when raving. Laid back tune with layered & kick-ass sounds.
A funky little jam..keys, guitar, bass and layered effects. Sounds best on a good car system with bass.
Peak in sub-genre #73
A total dub-mesh. Creepin' bass and lead sounds with various sample snippets. Trippy and copious variety.
Peak in sub-genre #67
Downtempo beat with sporadic arrays of highs and bass buildups.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Haha... crack that whip!! A D&B/Junglesque song with old-school 80s clapping and a catchy pace.
Peak in sub-genre #60
A basic D&B tune... metal clashes and maybe somewhat mainstream industrial. Kick ass bass too.
Peak in sub-genre #61
The injuns are prepping for war. A bird of prey slings in from the sky... forwarning of the danger to come.
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