Charlie Crane
Pop Westmont, IL  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #22
Never trust my smile, it's only there for show.
Peak in sub-genre #76 1
Come on baby, loneliness makes no sense for a girl as beautiful as you.
Peak in sub-genre #57
You can fly forever if you conquer time.
Peak in sub-genre #42
I'm about to crack, my world's turning black because I'm seeing green.
Peak in sub-genre #90
I want to stay, so I guess I should leave.
Peak in sub-genre #90
I've looked around and I have found this world is naught but a patchwork quilt.
Peak in sub-genre #22
If Groundhog Day be fair and bright, Come, Winter, have another flight; If Groundhog Day brings clouds and rain, Go Winter, and come not again.
We have to pick our song tonight, it has to be completely right, it cannot be obscure or trite or sappy.
Peak in sub-genre #79
These colours don't run, we've only begun, we'll prove this world is flat.
Peak in sub-genre #81
I was searching for a clue...searching for questions and finding damn good answers.
Peak in sub-genre #37
Take your seat for dinner and a show...don't you wanna go and have good times?
Peak in sub-genre #52
There'll come a day when you'll get to this'll see me sitting there when we have found there's no need for splitting hairs.
Peak in sub-genre #52
Where do you get off being such a call girl? Where did you get off tonight?
Peak in sub-genre #37
All I wished to say, it seems to transcend her, and I myself am rendered disarmed.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Your royal shyness, I boldly bow before your grace; your humble servant wants you to come back to his place.
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