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Blues London, United Kingdom
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Peak in sub-genre #53 1
This intro is a work in progress for my new CD I am working on. In the main it will be power rock with an orchestrial feel (I hope).
Peak in sub-genre #44
No description needed really on this. Except, that I do intend to do a retake some time.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Peak position #35 2
A Blues jam.
Peak position #12 1
A slow blues (not to sad)
Peak position #57
A Blues Jam
Peak in sub-genre #45
Peak in sub-genre #48
A classic blues shuffle
Peak in sub-genre #35
A short improv over a backing provided by a fellow musician/s.
Peak position #66
My version of a Bossa.
Peak in sub-genre #62
An alternative Celtic Rock idea
Peak in sub-genre #27
This is a short contemporary classical piece written for guitar.
Peak position #77 2
Contemporary Instrumental (Guitar and choral arrangement)... This tune is very special to me.
Peak in sub-genre #57
Something that I knocked up in a session break from my current project.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Just a little meandering over a Dominic Miller'ish backing
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