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Pop Keflavik, Iceland
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svenni bjorgvins
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Svenni Bjorgvins is a self taught guitarist, bassist and a drummer who has been writing pop/rock songs for many years. He has released 2 CD's and plays most of
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A new song I wrote last week and finished recording it yesterday on the 24th of sept 2016. Lyric reflects alcoholism and temptations. I got my friend Hlynur Fanndal to sing lead vocals. All other work was done by me. Hope you like it:-)
Peak in sub-genre #36 2 3
An icelandic song I wrote for a song contest in Keflavik called "Ljosalagid" Tomas Malmberg on Fender Rhodes, african handdrum and harmony vox. Svenni on Classical Guitar and lead vox. Recorded at Geimsteinn by Kiddi Hjalmur.
Peak position #65 3 3
Words by Dean Taylor, Music and instruments by Svenni, Lead Vocals by Tomas Malmberg. Recorded 2009.
Peak position #17 5 6
#1 song on Folk&Rock. Great lyrics by April Ragland (ASCAP) Harmonica: Leo, everything else: Svenni....... visit April's page:
Peak position #2
Words by Dawn Sinclair, Music, recordings, vocals and instruments by Svenni. #1 song on POP AAA
Peak position #11 2 3
It's easy to fall in love at first sight! isn't it?........ All me you hear..... #2 song on Pop&Rock.
Peak position #1 1 3
All vocals, instruments and recording: done by Svenni................ #1 song on both POP and POP AAA.
Peak position #6 6 9
I remixed the song (March 06 2008) for a compilation CD release. It was selected among 16 other songs and is to be released soon. Music, Words and all except keys by Svenni. Keys by B.Gunnarsson #1 on Pop&Rock many times.
Peak position #7 1 1
Words by April Ragland.. Piano played by LeRhay Harbin.. Everything else done by Svenni
Peak position #6 1
New mix and master by Svenni on May 23 2009! Words by April Ragland, Music, bass, guitars and production by Svenni. Vocals by Lynn Carey Saylor. Drum programming and keyboards by Julius Jonasson. #1 song in POP AAA
Peak position #6 2 2
JUNE 05 2006. New version! Now a duet with Inga Henriksen. Hope you like it:-)
Peak position #13 1
Took the full instrument version and stripped it down to acoustic guitars (Ovation CS 257) vocals and bass (Fender Presicion) and remixed it. Words by April Ragland, Music, instruments and vocals by Svenni. The full version is also on this page.
Peak position #62 2 3
A acoustic song. Words by Richard "Breakfree" Anderson, music and performance by Svenni.
#33 (Sub-genre) 3 2
Words by Richard 'Breakfree' Anderson in the sweet memory of Kara Graff and Runar Juliusson. Music, guitars, bass and lead vocals by Svenni. Unison and harmony vocals by Lynn Carey Saylor. #1 song on both Acoustic and Acoustic/Vocals.
Peak position #4 1
Words by Richard "Breakfree" Anderson, Music, instruments, vocals and recordings by Svenni. #1 song on Acoustic/Vocals and #4 song on Acoustic.
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