Clear Soul
Jazz Los Angeles, CA  USA
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This track features Free will (the Luminaries), IBX92 & Anastacia. It's a anthem for karma.
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Live this song rips
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The vocals are real smooth comming from half chinese half japanese vocalist lisa ling hsia huang. lisa and that lead line make the track spin
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Melodic groove with a positive vocal concept.
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Live this song rips
Ever wonder what your ex lovers are doing?
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Melodic thought provoker. When was the last time someone made you feel like your soul is clear?
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Nameless is someone we all should know
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Nice ambient groove with a cool poem at the end.
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This is Hip hop, funky from another spot. Check out the organ solo.
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The soft side of Hip Hop. This track has very jazzy undertones with a rap Vocal. Enjoy.
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This young 20 year old vocalist is skits with the melodies. This is something she wrote and we never rehersed.
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Live @ the temple bar. we had lots of fun. The temple bar has a real cool vibe going on there.
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Very open vibe that lets you reflect on life both now and in the future.
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This is at a live show. I ask my friend Skim to come up and bless the mic and she just killed it.
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