Bill Robinson
Country Nashville, TN  USA
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bill robinson
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My songs are written and performed by me and my friends. I write Country songs. You can purchase a download on most of my songs here. So find one you like and d
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A little high school or college crush song
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An old man who has spent his life using drugs
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People who have got the phone call about Friends, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Fathers, will know exactly what this song is about.
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A little spooky song for Halloween
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Just a little fun on a day when I was feeling really crappy. Simple guitar vocal work tape
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Some fellas love their women no matter what
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Inspiration for this song came when I heard my Mother's last words to my Step Father. This was right before they closed his coffin. First verse is pretty much how it went.
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A social commentary War, Old Age, Single moms, Nannies, Hookers and worn out vets. With my own blues mixed in.
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Pro demo by Mike Dunbar in Nashville. Heather Cowles on vocals.
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This song is about a man who learns he has Cancer. He doesn't tell his wife right away. He keeps it to himself. His wife later learns he has cancer but does not let him know she knows. eventually they both know the other knows.
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