Ghoul Detail
Electronic Northampton, United Kingdom
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Ghoul Detail
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dark electronic experimental industrial noise ambient weird drone soundscapes
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#41 (Main) 3 1
I play guitar in Syrinx with Ed (guitar etc) & Dave (bass etc). This is something that came out of one of our jam sessions, an ambient guitar drone kind of thing. Syrinx are on Facebook as Syrinx drone
#37 (Main) 3
dedicated to the death of in Bin Laden
Peak position #13 1
occasionally rythmic with ethereal feedback weaving in and out
#7 (Sub-genre) 1 1
it's not a song, it's something else
Peak position #33 1
moody drone, layers of distorted downtuned guitars feeding back and spiraling off into the distance
Peak position #40 3 1
I guess this would be described as a 'heavy drone' although it's quite ambient really. I did it all layering up and arranging different sounds I'd recorded with a couple of different guitars
Peak position #98 1
orchestrated internal violence. beatdowns to the uninvited
Peak position #42 1
lie down with infested munters and you'll pick up uninvited bodily guests.
Peak position #85 1
fragile and ethereal, soft feedback and spectral vocal tones with a skittering breakbeat. It sounds like ghostly drone jazz. Kind of. If you don't think about it too much...
Peak position #76 1
love dirge to Fulci's zombie movie, sounds more like an ambience recording taken inside Bezelbubs dirtpipe
Peak position #99 1
Peak in sub-genre #9 1
I have no idea if I'll ever finish this album
Peak in sub-genre #13 1
tribal sounding ambient drone inspired by the movie everyone seems to hate, but what's not to love about First Blood reinvented as Vikings vs Red Indians?
Peak in sub-genre #4 1
it's nice to find sanctuary in a handful of valium. This sounds kind of what it's like to be in my head when I take some time out to hit the diazepam, so it's not the usual unnerving or edgy kind of stuff I do. It's actually quite nice
Peak position #31 1
hitting things and slamming doors in big empty old buildings at night got me the source sounds, then it was just a case of arrangement and extra tom foolery
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