Darren Elliott
Acoustic embro, Canada
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Peak in sub-genre #48
Peak in sub-genre #77
The Beatles
Peak in sub-genre #49
A song about what happens when you want to ask someone out!!
Album: Waiting Too Long Peak in sub-genre #57 1
wrote this one about the girl from banff who broke my heart and went silent on me...
Peak position #83
Aboutmy favorite plane
Peak in sub-genre #94
just an updated version of perfect girl
Peak in sub-genre #74
Just a cover of See Spot Run's not so well nkown song...
This song and picking and untitled are all instrumental and i used effects on my zoom h4 and worked on trying to get a 'until the end of the world' by u2 sort of sound to it...
some fingerpicking flatpiclking or whatever you call it
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