Fun with Xenharmonicity
Classical Urbana, IL  USA
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Eclectic microtonal xenharmonic 21st-century
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Peak in sub-genre #21
Peak position #39
Peak in sub-genre #17
a saturatory round in 12.
Peak position #46
17-tone version of 4-part round. Nice and slow so you can learn it.
Peak in sub-genre #24
Tempo Canon (10:11:13) in 15-equal, roughly based on Dan Stearns' 'of fire of ice of blood' motif.
Peak position #96
a miniature reading. all sounds made with these vocal chords vs. the VoiceTweaker softsynth. scale is unfair father out of 31.
Peak position #88
Music that changes. Two clarinets tuned a sixth-tone apart, Maiko Sasaki and Brian Viliunas playing here.
played by Elliot Cole on 12-out-of-17 piano and Jacob Barton on udderbot
Peak in sub-genre #21
3/19/06 improvisation 2x speed; tuning: 14-tone equal tuning, middle C = normal.
Peak in sub-genre #18
Peak in sub-genre #39
the first thing i wrote when trying out thirty-one tone bassoon fingerings. arpeggilicious.
Peak in sub-genre #63
a bassoonist confusedly trying to wander through a newfound landscape of intervals.
Peak in sub-genre #54
for two bassoons, a scale, then a scale-piece, then a piece in this ancient scale of the Greeks in its 31-equal manifestation.
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