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Metal burlington, Canada
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rocksmyth music company
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A power trio who puts the meaning back into the word power. Smooth riffing guitarist matched up with fingerplaying bassman whos bottom end shakes the ground and
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Welcome to The ride
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A balls on metal march!
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driving tune,tight threepiece...old time rock'n'roll with a twist..
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hooky rocker, had some fun with this one,everything live off the floor resang vocals.
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catchy tune with a van halen feel
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Our poke at a ballad ..raw right off the floor no remix or redo
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messin around in drop d ,programmed the reason drum software...played bass ,guitar,
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Nother idea..will be updated...this pc room stuff get's consuming.....
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slide drop 'd' rock 'n' roll strut
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My first poke at doing my own song on the computer!
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another pc job..tryin' to get better at this stuff
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Pride & Glory COVERSONG
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