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yeah man, peep game
Produced by Audio-Crack
solo joint.. produced by Jonny Brown
This tracc goes 'to all the hataz, all the fakaz, perpetrators', basically just sayin if u wanna take it to war, it's NOTHIN.. Order: 1) P, 2) Insane, 3) LA, 4) Theo HOOK: Theo (P on adlibs)
Lil tracc wit swagga produced by da boi Jonnie Brown.... Order: 1) P 2) Theo HOOK: P
The name of the tracc says it all... Order: 1) Manolo, 2) P, 3) LA, 4) Theo.. HOOK: Jwes
Real deep track about the past and the present.. Pudge's solo joint. Theo's on the hook + bridge... PROPS TO THE MAN SINDUSTRY, THE BEAT IS FIYAH.
One of the joints on our demo.. unmixed and unmastered. Order: 1) P, 2) Theo, 3) P, hook: Theo
"Theirs a virus all ova mah skin".. yeh man, we are ment fa the game and ain't NOBODY stoppin' us. Mah man BeatSmith is on the boards, holla @ him if you need beats... order: 1) theo, 2) P, 3) theo, hook: P
A club track wit' the homie O on the boards.. Order: 1) P, 2) Theo, 3) P.. hook: Theo
Reppin' the left coast... Order: 1) Yung LA, 2) Theo, 3) P, hook: LA / Theo
A lil remix we put togetha righ quick.. order: 1) Theo, 2) 112, 3) Pudge
Some ol' shit I decided to post so ya'll don't forget bout us.. Order: 1) Pudge, 2) Theo, hook: Pudge
Peak in sub-genre #95
Order: 1) Pudge, 2) Theo, 3) Pudge hook: Theo
Peak in sub-genre #83
Club banga prod. by mah boy O.. Order: 1) Pudge, 2) Theo, hook: Theo
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Fast Lane (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Stacked Up Michael
*New* On The Beach (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Instrumentals - Smooth
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