Harvey Cedars
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Harvey Cedars; the Desert Blues Man
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Peak position #25
Just a guitar noodle
Peak position #86
This was a Friday Night Jam on the old private Watering Hole Forum, which descended from the Line 6 Pod Forums
Peak position #19
I did this in 2006 and never liked the vocals so I redid them yesterday
Peak position #39
This is a test of my Super Champ X2 guitar amp with the Eminence Lil Buddy speaker. SM 57 pointed somewhere near the rim pf the speaker
Peak position #20
This is a song about a little commune situation sometime in the late 1970's
Peak position #1
This is a tune that I did right after the event
Peak position #72
My Italian friend Marco posted this backing track, for a Friday Night Jam on a forum I frequent. He did the guitars panned left and right, the bass and drums. I did the guitars in the center and the vocals
Peak position #76
Just a Tecno Noodle I did back in the late 80's
Peak position #43
Just another guitar oriented instrumental song
Peak position #26 1
My anti hard drug tune, Backing Track by Mats Nermark, lead guitar and vocal by me.
Peak position #12
This is a blues style tribute for Emily Remler one of my favorite guitar teachers
Peak position #21 1
Peak position #37 1
Just a little noodle about a dog I used to have
Peak position #20
This is just a remix adding the slide guitar leads instead of the heavy leads I had on it before. I also EQ'd the vocal a bit
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