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HipHop Norway
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Video: VTZ on the beat!
A song dedicated to! Annodomini on the beat.
Beat by VTZ.
A track about emcees who dream too much.. For the Fresh 2 Def' tourney at, round 1.
Diss against a tiny b*** on Exilebeats on the beat.
championship battle at MisterKA on the beat..
16 bars.. baibai on the beat. it's supposed to be a collab, but the other guy hasn't recorded yet.. this will be updated when the full song is ready with a hook and all..
NewSense on the first Verse and hook. MAK on the Second verse. Rap It Fly beats, on the beat.
story track..check check... Anno Domini on the beat!
Anno domini on the beat!!..
Dub's Attic on the beat. MAK on the first verse and hook, Styun on the second (italian), Trigo on the third verse..
Anno domini on the beat!!.. sampled from stevie wonder and baby face 'how come'... song about how any given person can be f***ed up..
topical txt battle on I just recorded the first part of it in one take.. just for heck of it....Cynikal productions on the beat..
4th battle against the dude... haha.. oh well.. murdah.. Shadowville on the first beat Ansane on the second
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SWiM (PostMalone/Tory Lanez/Bazzi)
Instrumentals - Classical
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Twisted (Travis Scott Type Beat) Industry Dark.
Instrumentals - Trap
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