Pierre Bellefeuille
Alternative Gatineau, Canada
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Peak position #62
Modern and contemporary. Short mood movie in mind.
Peak position #8
Classical and modern piano variations.
Peak position #14
Simple south latin genre.
Peak position #32
A simple and short happy piano.
Peak position #52
Long improvised modern synth solo over a stable harmony and rythm
Peak position #6
Latin, guitar, relax
Peak position #15
A jazz version of a well known Berceuse composed by Brahms
Peak position #42
Sensual guitar solo.
Peak position #55
Experimental orchestral song
Peak position #31
Compose like a mix of funeral and tango song.
Peak position #98
British instrumental style
Composed with block buster in mind.
Peak position #30
A simple piano composition with a melodic impro over it.
Peak in sub-genre #42
Peak in sub-genre #49
Pop guitar.
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