A Field Of Dreams 49
Rock Ford, WA  USA
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Ronald F Elliott
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Antti Luode wrote Let's Party Till We Die Antti Luode plays all instruments Ron Elliott Wrote and sings the vocal
Uploaded 4 hours ago
I recorded the synth track first, then, I added the bass guitar track. Finally, I laid down the vocal tack. Hey, it's ok to be a little less than perfect... Say goodbye, say hello
Uploaded 18 hours ago
Antti Luode wrote Into Sweet By And By instrumental. I laid down the vocal and here it is: Into Sweet By And By* written by Antti Luode Vocal written by Ron Elliott
#35 today (Sub-genre)
Anttis Instrumentals wrote Coming Back To Life; I added a vocal to it and mixed it all up. It's a song that connects to all people... Anttis Instrumentals wrote Coming Back To Life Anttis Instrumentals plays all instruments Vocal by Ron Elliott ...
#72 today (Main)
Just one story of many about trying to make it playing and singing on the rode. I put in two guitar parts and a bass guitar. Also, did a harp track and a synth track and a vocal to come out with "One More Song"
#41 today (Main)
Lyrics and Music Written By Ron Elliott
#67 today (Main)
I did all the parts of this song. I first called it, Out Of Bounds; but, I changed it to, Out Of San Francisco Bay French Roast...
#45 today (Main)
I listened to some old time music by Jo Miller and Lura Love; this inspired me to write, There's A Blue Moon. I played rhythm guitar and sang and used the Roland drums all on one track. After that, I laided down the bass guitar and then, I added a St
#37 today (Main)
...wrote this a few months ago. I put a vocal on it, but, this morning, I was listening to it and figured I would put it up without the vocal. So, here it is, In Your Head instrumental...
#23 today (Sub-genre)
Brian Rust of the band Rustbelly wrote this song w/out a vocal. Brian put this song up as a free download. I listened to it and laid down the vocal and mixed it together. Brian plays all the instruments; In the End All is Forgiven
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