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Soulful Beach Groove music following in the footsteps of Van Morrison, Eva Cassidy, Bill Withers, Jack Johnson, Elton John and Sting...
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Fun Reggae-Flavored song, reminiscent of UB40. "Bad Luck" is over since "Good Luck Charm" girl came into his life! PRO RECORDING
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Having made a living playing mostly cover songs at events, weddings and bars, this is my attempt to write about it. In a way, it is my version of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" with a touch of Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party." PRO RECORDING
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I originally wrote this song several years ago then completely forgot about it. After hearing an old recording of it, I decided it was worth rewriting. PRO RECORDING
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My attempt to write a timeless Valentine's Day song. "Every year 'til the end of time, Honey will you be my Valentine?" PRO RECORDING
Finally moving on from destructive relationship. PRO RECORDING
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Fast Rock-Pop song about making positive changes. RECORDING=PERSONAL STUDIO
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Instant attraction between two people. PRO RECORDING
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This song is about personal transformation and new beginnings PRO RECORDING
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Romantic song about meeting someone who can finally "quench the thirst of a lifetime." It has even been used as a wedding song! PRO RECORDING
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A feel-good song about enjoying a dance on the beach with someone special. I tried to keep it lighthearted in the tradition of artists from The Beach Boys to Jack Johnson. PROFESSIONAL RECORDING
Peak position #42
Classic Jazz ballad celebrating great women achievers throughout history. PRO RECORDING
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Story of a soldier who came back from the war with wounded legs and a wounded spirit. He was "Decorated" and still loves his country but his "dreams have faded." PRO RECORDING
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Upbeat Irish Rock song about a rowdy character who is no gentleman... he drinks, swears and fights but you got to love him! In the vein of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Mumford and Sons, The Pogues, Dubliners... PRO RECORDING
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THE RIDE = LIFE. Enjoy it because it's short! The song's style was inspired by Bill Withers' "Lovely Day" PRO RECORDING
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