The Dyall-Tones
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#30 (Sub-genre)
An upbeat pop rock love song. When you truly love someone, and they love you the same equally, then that's a great thing to have and to cherish!
#87 (Main) 1
When you've been dating a while as friends, it finally reaches that next level, the first kiss!
#19 (Sub-genre)
A simple plea love song by The Ramones done in a 60's style
#12 (Sub-genre)
When her infidelity and bad love has you feel like dying, you vow to return as a ghost to haunt her..... Muahahahaha!!
Peak position #16
A #1 Hit! When you fall in love with someone and you want the world to know!
#17 (Sub-genre)
A fun little ditty about not wanting to be the paramour of a girl of ill repute.
#60 (Main) 1
Blues song recounting the past failed loves brings back sad memories.
#46 (Sub-genre)
A Motown-inspired song about the woman you thought was in love with you cheats and leaves you for another man out of the blue.
#3 (Sub-genre)
A #1 Hit!! Song about being with a "Bad" girl you know is wrong for you, but you love her!
Peak position #22 1 1
Letting your crush know how you feel about her. Pop Rock with a little latin beats .
Peak position #31
Older man trying to be in relationship with younger woman, but have to deal with naysayers!
Peak position #90
When you are in love with someone and want her to notice you, but you're in the FriendZone!
#21 (Sub-genre)
I'm broke. That's about the gist of this upbeat rock n roll song, lol
Peak position #61
When a relationship isn't working out after a period of time, then it's time to part ways.
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