Queen Nefer Aset Titi Cleo She Bah
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I arranged, record, mix, compose, write, sing, all poetry in lyrics as well as instruments are from within me and thy Sire King when we compose our love.
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Princess White Deer Hummingbird Heart aka Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah arranged, composed, mixed at Vame Re-cords mother-ship Akasha.
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King Ausar-Ikhnaten-Nefaru-Mir-Sea on plates/kitchen...sink... Creator and nature as the rest Arranged, composed, music and vocals, instruments: Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi Tambla, W Africa Kora, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion, Hand drum, Serbian Gusla
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Italy in 1825, a melody unfolds in a Piano Forte created by eye as a cirque Masquerade. Haunting beats come through my Jazz lounge here in now. W/o time but a memory of a theater in a place called Venice. A single chorus echos can u hear it within?
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Piano Forte composed as eye am Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah as a dreaming escaped of a melody that enriches you, life in lavish luxury is how I embrace within this sound.
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Sounds of the Ancient Aegyptana Black Irish in a mix of Celtic chants as the tribe of Dan does of the Dacians.
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Piano Forte Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah arranged, composed, mixed at Vame Re-cords.
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Composed and Piano Forte Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah Re-cords at Vame Akasha and all names as of en-titles. Wrote, mixed composed as same and comprised with live recording as so no editing.
Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi Cleo-She-Bah Akashic RE-CORDS @ Vame Danielle D n all I Arranged, Composed, Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi.. Ioana Rose
Arranged, composed, music, vocals, piano by Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi and vocals of King Ausar-Ikhnaten-Nefaru the 1 Son, sound clips from library of congress, beats from Mr Funktastic. Mixed engineered by Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah @ Vame Akasha
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Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi arranged, composed, vocals, lyrics, Instruments/loops by Simone Campete, DesignedImpressions, PhileMonster1,
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Need I speak more as eye a pearl of splendor into superlative eye bee Pharaoh thy can forever see you as thy 1 and ever 4 you no other....
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Arranged, Composed, Vocals by Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi,Loops by Mr. Funktastic, Amir Mofrat, Bjorn Chapman, Alivid Life, lyrics Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi...
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Virgin in this version Marry of the Sea me this is the reality version without any edits or effects.. yes a remix on the way.. Conchy.. Conshy style... in a Mallorcan bag pipe.. I love you to stay..
Same as below as above yet the fact is when U's try and mess with my song I just render n mix u back out of it. So here is the Remix a bit more Decadent for u and it has no GENRE flows just like I do. I can master music anywhere b/c its love so true.
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Live Your Life / Rich The Kid Type Beat (2 For 1)
Instrumentals - Trap
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