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Made out of respect to the Ultimate Warrior! Big Splash! The chorus on this grooves too!
Batman Sample... Smooth Vibes... Allat Contact me for a Special Lease Price on this!
Here's the Collaboration I did with Medicated Drums. Guess who did what?
Only one person will get this beat for free. lol This has a nice vibe to it too, especially THE CHORUS.
My attempt at capturing a westside sound with my style. Enjoy!
Here's one that just gives off amazing vibes. Wonderful groove. R&B
This is definitely worth someone using. GET YOUR LEASE ON THIS TODAY!!!! Dreams...A man can only Dream
I don't know where the title came from at all. But the groove is wonderful.
I sampled a student body meeting from Elizabeth City State University and Richard Sherman. It seems to sound good. The sample is from the the Q-Dogs and Deltas at ECSU. We wave at em...
The best cry ever...hope y'all like this. The main melody was inspired by Beethoven. Which I Can't Have. Everyone has something or someone they can't have...
Made this out of Respect to my brother's father. Mr. Eley hope you like this. It's something.
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