KH Cho
Alternative Tucson, AZ  USA
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A simple I ii chorus.
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Country Swing, almost Nashville formula, except the bridge doesn't lead back to the chorus. Album version.
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Modern Classical piece of three movements in Amaj for piano, bass, guitar, orchestra.
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Album remix - Spanish Guitar/Flamenco/Disco Fusion with a nod of the head to Santa Esmeralda and Leroy Gomez
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Album version - Christian Worship. This song is about the fundamentals of worship, IMO. It isn't what God can do for me, but how can I make HIM smile. Being human, I must ask HIM for help since I can't do it on my own.
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Modern take on a classical Chorale in Am, for Strings, Guitar, Bass, Percussion.
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Rap Fusion with a message.
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First fruit for 2013. Dixieland Jazz. Visualize Nola, a bottle of bourbon, a bowl of etouffee, and the joy of life.
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