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Just me and my Dirty Robot....
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A montage of 7 clips, each recorded on different days, each the first idea using whatever setup was there at the time. A different fuzz used each day, hence the title.... :)
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Play it LOUD!!! REAL LOUD!!!!
Peak position #38 4 3
Arcane Analog Buzzsaw Fuzz except breakdown is Rockett WTF... Also lead is a Catalinbread Teaser Stallion (oscillating) stacked into the Buzzsaw
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This is one possible version of this song as found in one possible version of this existence
Peak in sub-genre #57 2 3
Frunkenstein meets PsychoBilly and they get into big trouble!
Peak in sub-genre #76 2 2
Frunkensteins bride births a son, but who is the "real" father?
Peak position #34 1 1
Wrightdude adds lead to Ed DeGenaro's backing track
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
A Juxtaposition of Jazzy Funk/Straight up Rock... A quickly recorded experiment... Please excuse my sloppy drumming...
Peak in sub-genre #30 1 1
Amalgam Man loses a filling at the corner blues bar unleashing a noxious psychotropic neurotoxic cloud transforming everyone into heavy metal head bangers.....
Peak position #61 1
wrightdude adds guitars to Ed Drury's Didge Funk track
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Tom Shiben's Mighty Rickenbacker 8-string Bass
Peak position #63 1
An Excerpt from The Drummstick II CD
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SWiM (PostMalone/Tory Lanez/Bazzi)
Instrumentals - Classical
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