Metal PARIS, France
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Raoul Tchoi I play music, paint landscapes and love coffee.
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Peak position #56
A thrasher track. Tribute to D. Darrell and Z. Wylde who are big influences on my guitar playing. Enjoy !
Here's a snippet of what's to come on my soon-to-be-released record "Incertitude". The song isn't complete.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Here's a new version for my track "Melancholia" which I found to be far too repetitive and lacking interest. So I rearranged the parts and recorded new guitars, bass and drums.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Big news : like it or not, I am now going to mix and master all my work using the K-system metering. It makes for much more dynamic tracks, though not as loud.
Peak in sub-genre #100
A little test track that turned out to be a potential song : I wanted to see if my vocals improved, they did, but not much.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Here's the second track I recorded on the fly after Hollow Cheeks. Again, the arrangement is simply as simple as simple can get and it took me 45min to record/mix plus another hour for mastering.
Peak in sub-genre #48
This is the first of the two songs I composed/recorded/mixed/mastered on the fly. It's uplifting, simple in the arrangement and took 1 hour to record and mix, plus another hour for mastering.
Peak position #58
A short demo to showcase my new devastating bass mix. Enjoy !
Peak in sub-genre #38
Track 2 from the electronic side of my upcoming record. A long peaceful rhythmic journey. Drums are Superior Drummer 2 triggered by a Roland TD-9 kit. Enjoy !
Peak in sub-genre #36
Track 4 from the Rock side of my upcoming album. I went for a soothing melodic track to calm the tension from the previous 3 tracks.
Peak position #68
Track 5 from the Metal side of my upcoming album. A relentless, spicy musical assault. Enjoy !
Peak position #50
Here's the last track of the rock side of my upcoming album. Ambient piece with a lot of fuzz all over the place, very dark sounding. The end of this piece leads to "Introduction" from the metal side of the album. Enjoy !
Peak in sub-genre #27
The second track of the rock side of my upcoming record. A big progressive chunk with blues and funky detours, I didn't really know what was going to come out of it until the final piece was recorded.
Peak in sub-genre #25
An uplifting track with more development to come ;)
Peak position #65 1
Melancholia is the third track from my upcoming album. This will feature agressive vocals on the album version. Very dark and sad emotions were passed through this track. Enjoy !
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