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It's all in a name....hope you like!
#18 today (Sub-genre)
Just Keep on Swinging, what do you need more...?
#48 today (Sub-genre)
Let me out, girl, let me out.
#49 today (Sub-genre)
Don't Be chicken, be an optimist instead, and Let the Good Times Roll!
Peak position #75
Can't get the Seagreen dressed girl out of my mind...
Peak position #58
Reminds me of Amnie cooking fine eggs, hope you like!
Peak position #36
Move, baby, move!
Peak in sub-genre #61
Time to Tango!
Peak position #12
Nowadays every tune you hear is hiphop, so here I am, having the hip hop blues...
Peak position #73
Well, maybe Winnie the Pooh does...
Peak position #67
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