Los Hijos De Su Madre
Rock Guatemala, Guatemala loshijosdesumadre.8k.com
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Los Hijos De Su Madre, Porno Punk Band From Guatemala..
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Peak in sub-genre #11
A song about the perfect tragedy of love..
Peak in sub-genre #19
Blue, a song about love, passion and sex..
Peak in sub-genre #61
Glenda's song..
Peak in sub-genre #34
A song about dreams..
Peak in sub-genre #35
Another song about love...
Coño in spanish means.. pussy (vagina).. Coño is a song about the pussy..
Peak in sub-genre #72
The final version of this song, played live on a punk fest satruday september 25, 2004. The sound is not too good, but you can hear something. As it sounds it's the way it will be recorded for our new album.
Peak in sub-genre #35
A nice organic, sexy and horny love song.. jaja yeah right!!
Peak in sub-genre #3
I'm without words to describe this song amd I don't even want to do it, just hear it and enjoy it if you can--
Peak in sub-genre #41
Peak in sub-genre #81
Peak in sub-genre #11
It's about a blowjob
Peak in sub-genre #29
It's about our junkie friends, and their stupid life smoking weed every day, and f***ing their life with every single pot..
Peak in sub-genre #56
Song about a shitted day..
Peak in sub-genre #23
when you don't give a f*** about what people says..
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