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s1mple m1nd
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The nicest whiteboy emcee...period...
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Yeah buddy...Me...E...Crunch
Some new shit from my mixtape...
Just something I threw together to stay fresh over the Kanye - Diamonds Are Forever Beat - BiZeRkeeZy!
Just a lil freestyle I did for my homeboy Young Hype's mixtape...
Yeah this is just ridic. I spit first.
This is a crazy song...a conversation between me and my homeboy about a few problems I'm having escalates...
The intro off my new mixtape, Calm Before The Storm, just holla mayne...
This some crazy shit....that's all I gotta say...
And intro song for the homepage of
Yeah boooiii...yall get a taste of some shit off the album.....CRAZYYY
THis is done over the "Overnight Celebrity beat...just a 1 verse snippet...spittin' a LITTLE fast, that's all :)
Yeah this a deep song you just gotta feel...beat by PK
Peak in sub-genre #68
Yeah a lil' somethin I threw together for the gotta listen till the 3rd verse...
This is a song I wrote for my R&B singer, I got the second verse rappin'...fiyah right here...
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