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Sociopolitically Conscious Rap for truth seekers!
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Peak in sub-genre #46
Peak in sub-genre #49
A verse packed with politically/socially relevant flows for the end of 2012.
Yeah so my first release, 4 ur mynd was kinda wack so I redid the whole song. Check it out-- new song is pretty listenable! Oh this is my first release with my new alias, He Malayan...tell me what ya think of my new name!
Peak in sub-genre #15
You already know the media is full of $HiT! This is what THEY think about YOU!!!
Song about the medical sh** stem in US. Touches on Eugenics, pharmaceutical mind control/mass poisoning, war on health, etc...featuring a comeback by LPDezi (my alter ego)!!!
Discussion of the REAL and sole political system or rather network that runs the world...intro by JFK and verbal elaboration from Alan Watt, the great.
OLD but GOLD!!! Desi Crew (DC) Banger. 2005 release!!!
Rapquake, Sarvate and LPDezi (alter ego of quake) dropa song to represent for the men's rights movement and anti-feminazi "holy feminist doctrine"... released in 2003/04 Like rest of our group's stuff..
dissing campus security and campus police, bunch of wannabe gestapo, also dissing public uniiiiversty scam
Peak in sub-genre #85
bad mixing of the song to the beat, otherwise some thought provoking old stuff by me and sarvate (ucsdeeeez) from way back in 2003/04..
Peak in sub-genre #71
2 Freshmen at UCSD form a group, this is their lame attempt at making music. FIRST UCSDeeeez release (2003)! Maing fun of a lame dude we knew from around...
College rap!!! all of my flows are freestyle, sarvate drops half freestyle, FX's stuff is prewritten... Sekhang on the beat!!!
Rapquake drops a hot beat and Sccit and Roccy make a song with a verse by your truly!
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