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Dyalock is a one man band that acts as a channel for all the musical ideas that pop up in the head of the only band member: Holger luth (that's me - hi!)
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#23 (Main) 14 19
The person in this song is offered a chance, but he is not sure he wants to take it.
#90 (Main) 26 26
A song I wrote for myself and all my friends in music :)
#79 (Sub-genre) 5 4
A collab with my friend Knud Erik Jensen, also known as Ziggophon. We aimed for something sounding like electronic pop from the 80's, especially from American crime shows like Miami Vice. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z1_z5Oadao
Peak position #12 15 15
A collab with my friend Knud Erik Jensen (Ziggophon). We wanted to create something in a modern country style.
Peak position #4 24 25
Do you know that feeling, when you are really happy, but still have a lump in your throat?
#65 (Sub-genre) 22 24
Just a little waltz, dreaming of summer.
Peak position #30 22 20
A Starship travelling through space. A collaboration made by Holger Luth and Knud Erik Jensen.
Peak position #7 27 27
One of my older songs that were recorded by Cassandra back in 2001. I created a brand new backtrack for her fine vocals, changing the song from a Country Rock ballad into, what? 90's disco'ish? Never mind, call it my electronic poprock playground.
Peak position #5 9 9
A collab with my friend Knud Erik (Ziggophon). Love sure can keep you healthy. But who or what is it he is singing about?
#19 (Sub-genre) 10 10
A collab I did with my friend Knud Erik (Ziggophon). Funky fun! A dirty story about a dirty couple that found love.. or some kind of love..
Peak position #19 24 24
A song about how bad language and abuse from the media and the politicians, may become common practice if we don't start pushing back!
Peak position #9 15 15
New version uploaded 18th of November 2017.
Peak in sub-genre #22 4 3
A song in Danish. A collab I did with my friend Knud Erik. The lyrics are about being stretched beyond your limits. There is an ENglish translation below the Danish lyrics
Peak position #63 17 17
A song about the strangest thing I know: The times we live in right now.
#59 (Sub-genre) 25 23
A song that suddenly wanted to come out, while I was playing around with some bass lines. The tune and lyrics were made up on the spot and the song is pretty lo-fi and rough. But I like the mood. The words relate to some recent tragic events.
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