Marty Helly
Acoustic Northampton, MA  USA
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marty helly
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Stories of life told by voice, guitar, and assorted toys
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#59 (Sub-genre)
Dedicated to anyone who has stayed up way too late trying to get something to work out. I stayed up until 5 am last week cleaning this up a bit too!
Peak in sub-genre #16
Good things can happen on the morning after, like writing this song - a happy feeling depressing song created from a lovesick hungover theme
Peak in sub-genre #46
First recording of this with guitar recorded direct on an I-beam pickup
Peak in sub-genre #22
As the snow melts and the mud slowly dries, a song of hope
Peak in sub-genre #19
My take on the road less traveled.
Peak in sub-genre #63
Kids say the darndest things.
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