Michael Holmes
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Singer/Songwriter from the Hudson Valley of New York, Michael's music is anchored by his voice and his simple, yet elegant style of writing. Creating Color
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Sometimes you need forgiveness for , well being yourself...
Peak position #23
Flowers bloom, love grows...it's all magic power.
Peak position #34
"No pain, No gain" -- in the journey we know as life...
Peak position #70
A love song about being the sum of two parts that always adds up to...one.
Peak position #65
Prelude to Boys and Girls
Peak in sub-genre #37
A tale of lifelong love that occurs all over the world...boys and girls do in fact fall in love.
Peak position #61
Life's journey leaves us all Brand Spanking Used...a lot of imperfections but better from the experience. Scraped, Scratched, but moving forward.
Peak position #50
A Whimsical Tongue firmly Planted In Cheek song about Love...
Peak position #43
Travis Style Acoustic Guitar song about the quirky geometry of relationships...
Peak position #33
Travis style acoustic song that came to me like a flood one night, literally wrote itself.
Peak position #42
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