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Microworldscenery is a composer of instrumental world and acoustic rock music who combines african, asian and european instruments in order to create a complete
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Peak position #72 4 2
Metal meets flute.
Peak position #72 1 1
Guqin inprovisation accompagnied by electric bass.
Peak position #57 1 1
Classical arrangement in chinese world fusion style.
Peak position #31 4 4
Guzheng World Fusion piece.
Peak position #28 1
Native American Flute Music.
Peak position #100 1
Traditional chinese guzheng piece with groovy bass line.
Peak position #31 2 1
Relaxing traditional Chinese Guzheng and Nanxiao piece accompagnied by harmonics of a modern electric bass.
Peak position #33 3
An acoustic instrumental piece with percussion, upright bass and various chinese instruments.
Peak position #14 2 1
A transition from a rather meditative and spiritual Asian Guqin and NanXiao flute piece to a rather dynamic funky guitar rock song.
Peak position #21 2 1
An instrumental guitar rock song about all the nice memories I share with my son.
Peak position #13 2
I love the sound of heavily distorted guitars in combination with a dynamic rock flute. The fat distorted melody at the begin is from a chinese Guqin sent through a guitar effect suite.
Peak position #17 3 1
An indigenous native American flute in contrast with a funky rhythm. Sounds odd but somehow perfectly blends together.
Peak position #25 1
An instrumental acoustic rock song with a World Fusion touch. Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire. I composed the first version of this song on Hokkaido facing a gorgeous Volcano. The bass line is inspired by the flow of lava.
Peak position #18 1
A jazz-rock fusion piece with some world touch from a guqin and a sitar drone. With flute, saxophone, acoustic guitar, fretless bass and drums. Composed for the coming chinese year of the dragon.
Peak in sub-genre #10 1
A fusion of hard acoustic rock and Asian world music with traditional chinese intruments.
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