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Self contained artist, recording engineer, mastering engineer, song writer, play every instrument. A&r Exec Of my own Record Co, was in pro music industry many
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#67 (Sub-genre)
Another story song message quality lyrics, concerning the ones you see every day but do not notice, one day you will, they will have their day
#4 (Sub-genre)
New July 2 2018 Been doing instrumentals this one is electronic rock
#18 (Sub-genre)
A sort of Pop Dance thing Had a Female vox lined up no go, so I re wrote lyrics. It came out OK had to change vox concept, no reverb a few effects and clear
#73 (Sub-genre)
Head Phone mix-Use head phones soothing, complex. Chase the light in your life
Peak position #7 9 6
Powerful message and very upbeat this song did very well on the internet
#40 (Sub-genre)
Yes, every rose has a thorn. In this song it deals with the good rose petals of love and the thorns in a relationship. Everything in life is thorns and Petals
Peak in sub-genre #24
As A Master Herbalist I must help people all the time that are sick from Chemtrails, they are real. A truther song, good thump and lyrics
Peak in sub-genre #31
A song about feeling lost in a desert on the border line of USA and Mexico, but allegorically lost in life and no way to contact anyone.Some odd sounds again very very differnt
Peak position #69
Long ago this song was a number one song on the internet. A simple yet excellent alt pop summer love song my best radio friendly song in alt pop to date.
#70 (Sub-genre)
The Title says it all. Chor is very different 2 vox, simple yet serious message. One of my favs. 'What will we see when you bare it all, a loss of innocence and a push up bra'. The loss of this in young people.
Peak in sub-genre #18
A Love song with a meaning.
Peak in sub-genre #26
A sad story about a war vet in a one room hotel. Arthur just wanted to commit suicide. think of such ones that sit alone in hell. In that tiny room a human lives, blinding lights blinking that read, rooms for rent
#97 (Sub-genre)
If you like Niel Young You will love this, I tried to do a song like his style and it came out just as I wanted, an old review said just like him, only you sing better lol. Great tune Just wanted to get out of a place
Peak in sub-genre #29
It takes 2 to love and 2 to fight It is always a 2 thing baby. Title track song
Peak in sub-genre #66
A Mellow instrumental, soothing. I had vox bit dropped it like the composition as it is, just listen and mellow out to a sort of classical, jaz , pop thing
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