Jazz Karachi, Pakistan
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Musicarian ! A Solo Musician, Guitar Player from Pakistan.
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Done in Collaboration with my friend Denis Le Breton a.k.a Densyl.
National Anthem of Pakistan performed on Guitars. Dedicated to the Motherland and the Countrymen on 65th Anniversary of Pakistan.
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An Improvisation with the fusion of Jazz & Rock. Hope you enjoy.
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This song is orginally composed, written and sung by Denis Le Breton (Densyl). Guitars, arrangement and production by Myself.
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A Rock/Pop song to compliment the most beautiful creation of nature 'Rain'. Completely home recorded.
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A Rock/Pop song in Urdu language, to compliment the most beautiful creation of nature 'Rain'. Completely home recorded.
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A fusion of Jazz & Progressive Rock is probably the best description for this track. Infact less Jazz and more Rock this time. Give it a hear and I hope you'd like to replay it if you're a guitar enthusiast.
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A soft and mellow Acoustic Guitar Instrumental that depicts the Sadness fading into Happiness.
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A guitar instrumental for the Friends around the globe. Eastern Classical and Jazz fusion.
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Done in collaboration with Denis Le Breton (Densyl). Lead Vocals, Rhythms, Synths, Lyrics and Composition by Densyl. Guitars, Drums, Harmonies, Arrangement and Production by myself.
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Well ! The track is against all the Killing in the world. A message to stop killing.
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A summer time, sweet n soft Acoustic guitar track.
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A Memory and a fusion of different styles of Music.
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Fantasy is a soundtrack and an inspiration taken from one of the paintings of world's best painter Jim Warren.
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A web based joint venture between 'Denis Le Breton' (Densyl) and Salman Anwer (Musicarian). For more details, please check out the 'Story behind the song' section.
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