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Free Techno and Dance MP3 to download. VideoGame Music Arrange. Updated Monthly. VGM of Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Power Strike II, Streets of Rage and ot
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Peak in sub-genre #21
Original creation by MDashK. The single has two tracks. This is the first one. Feel free to download the second track over at www.mixwaves.net
Peak in sub-genre #9
Remix arrangement for Cloud Castle from the game Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge for GameBoy. This music is a remix of the arranged version VGM "Heavenly Hands" of the same album.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Track 21. 'The Dream'. From the album 'Fairy' by MDashK, MixWaves. Production started in April 2009. Wave X Samples. This music is dedicated to ZeroSlugFM.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Remix arrangement for Ice Cap Zone Act1 from the game Sonic & Knuckles Collection for PC Windows.
Peak in sub-genre #75
Track 16. 'Ways'. From the album 'Fairy' by MDashK, MixWaves. Production of the track started in 08 July 2007. Took 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete, Wave X Samples.
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