David Kampmann
Blues copenhagen, Denmark davidkampmann.dk
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david kampmann
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Acoustic slide and blues playing on the National Reso-phonic tricone guitar.
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#56 (Sub-genre) 2
Barefingered open-G chording and sliding on the National M2
Peak position #57 1
Taking a walk along the waterfront in the frosty spring sun.
Peak position #68 2
Jumped right out of my new M2.
Peak position #30 2
Barefingered blues picking. Great thanks go out to Mike Dowling for being a constant and obvious source of inspiration.
Peak position #84 2
The new M2 goes to the islands and beyond.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
Trying to keep my son awake on a bicycle ride home from the beach produced this.
Peak position #30 2
The result of several hours of staring out over a garden, guitar in hand.
Peak in sub-genre #23 1
Something I once heard, but don't really remember. Delphi in E, no reverb (a sonic departure for me) just the pretty guitar sound.
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
Every lick in this one was borrowed from the Steve James vocabulary of cool moves. Homage a Steve! And, as Billy gibbons says: Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi - No-Fi is all fine with me.
Peak position #60 2
My take on Booker White's hard driving anthem.
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
Entirely spontaneous and unedited. The vocal delivery is anything if not honest, the guitar playing driven by my love for the tricone.
Peak in sub-genre #19 3
Peak position #74 2
Ah, what the heck. This is what it sounds like when I just have fun. I don't mean any disrespect whatsoever, I love Tommy Johnson, just could't remember the words - any words.
Peak position #97 2
Inspired by Ray Charles, this is a paraphrase of some chord progressions that reminds me of the tune that starts with the words "It brings a tear into my eye.."
Peak in sub-genre #43 2
Recorded on my IRiver when the idea hit me. Tricone, no picks, living with the past.
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