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Experimental, Odd, Death/black metal, Jazz, Classical, modern rock, instrumental, guitar hero stuff, its basically my musical diary, jimrossprojects, bandwhore
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#64 (Sub-genre)
Bach n Roll- from JSBACH bourree partitia 1 for violin.
#53 (Sub-genre)
remembering old things
Peak position #60
the hard beaten path
#54 (Sub-genre)
Bach double concerto in Dm--- but tweaked way the f*** out... ha
Peak position #15
was gonna add a distorted section--- but Satie is so chill, I just couldnt do it...not yet at least..haha
Peak position #27
4 qualms ---- 0:00 - 1:12 - 2:23 - 3:47
Peak position #37
if Shostakovish had been metal and modern...and worse sounding
Loose-laying Beethoven, Mozart, and JSBach together using noise, drums, and delays as a substrate--- "it really doesn't work well and isnt useful for much"
Peak position #18
Know what I'm Sayin?
Peak position #19
Peak position #60
Peak position #11
TION TION TION = drums and vocals- pronounced JUN--- from an idea Mark Cooper had about doing a GUITARS using distorted vocals.
Peak position #15
I tried to write a song with only 3 notes--* A, B, & C... but used a bunch of octaves and instruments,,,I even made sure the percussion were all a,b,c notes--- Kinda hard to do--mostly hard to keep it interesting-
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