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Emotional stories of where we are, what's at stake, and where we're headed... This IS the MOMENT people... when our species will either Stand UP... or perish...
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As the Arctic continues spiraling into states none dared imagine a decade ago, felt this was due...AE got a remix with all the advanced tools I've acquired over the past year...
Peak position #20
Draft song focusing on the need to change the rules of the "great grab" which is plundering our planet...A recent ExtraEnvironmentalist podcast prompted this song...Changing the power structure is NECESSARY if we are to survive on our planet, Eaarth.
Peak position #45
I've been caring for my mom for 5 months and finally had an evening to sit down and just vamp an extemporaneous emotional screech...a stream of consciousness that's been building in my heart... Just a splatter, warts and all...made up, real time
Peak position #17
We're running out of time, and the future is looking grim... but the solution is up above us... the Rays of Hope await our waking up and harnessing the sun... giving up fossil fuels and avoiding a horrible climate devastated future... it's waiting...
Peak position #45
Draft! When there's nothing left to eat... what will you do? Wake up people...we need to change real quick... bfitl!
Peak position #58
We're in the moment when all needs to change... to transform our relationship with the world...
Peak position #99
NASA recently revealed that huge chunks of Antarctica are melting and it is unstoppable. We must wake up and change our fossil fuel addiction before we destroy any hope of maintaining a habitable planet. Simple first orchestral attempt
Peak in sub-genre #6
My latest version!... Every since I discovered Peter Ward's work in "Under a Green Sky" I've pondered what will become of us with dying oceans? It's a 100 degrees in the bay area and the west coast is in I wrote this song...
Peak position #10
Thanks to Peterintheforest who inspired this LONG 3 part song... in "toward-meaning-who-are-we-anyway-part-iv/" He asks all the right questions and ponders as I do... what will become of "The Age of Humans?"
Peak position #40
we can save the world with sunshine is a powerful "hook" contrasted to a more agressive verse about how disgusting all the other options are, ie coal, oil, nukes. This is a fairly finished product, although feedback is always welcome!
Peak position #95
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