Scott Honda
Instrumentals Newberg, OR  USA
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Was sitting at home bored today and this is what I came up with. Made in Reason
Same song as the last one but I finally did a little mixing and editing. Didn't change much but hopefully it sounds better
So I bought FL Studio Mobile for my iPhone and this is the first (mostly) finished song I made. I'm going to buy the PC version once my student aid comes in and fix a few little things (needs some automation) but for now, it should be good enough.
Peak in sub-genre #23
This was suppose to have drums but I couldn't find a drummer. I didn't have much time to mix/master this (not that I knew what I was doing anyways) or record it so it's not as smooth as it could be but it's my first time recording
This was inspired by a Phonk Beta beat on Brotha Lynch's new CD Manibalector. Again, another fairly dark beat but I do like darker beats
The main melody reminded me of a west coast style beat but I'm not sure how well that translated in the end as I made it a bit darker than it originally was. It definitely needs some work but that shall come soon
Kind of short but I'll add onto it eventually.
The main melody reminded me of a toy box sort of sound but with a dark background. Best name I could think of
Peak in sub-genre #26
Recorded each riff only a few times and copy and pasted it. This is pretty much a demo to help recording go along faster.
Second beat I made in Reason. This is a rough mix of it before I finished it and I'll update it when I finish it
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