Steve Pasakarnis
Pop South Windsor, CT  USA
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I am a church worship team keyboardist / songwriter. I am primarily a composer who then adds lyrics to my compositions, so I am looking for collaborators who a
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#23 (Main)
#8 (Sub-genre)
Moody, fast paced piece that evokes imaginative scenarios in the listener's mind.
#12 (Sub-genre)
Throbbing drumbeats and epic sounds evoking images of grand vistas of the African plains at sunset.
#47 (Sub-genre)
Music written and recorded this summer that kind of turned into something that sounds like it belongs in a movie.
Peak position #65
A song written with no real purpose, but after I titled it Why it started to feel like a backing track for a humanitarian organization video. Hopefully it may find a home someday.
Peak position #36
Upbeat instrumental that makes it easy to imagine someone dancing on a clover covered hillside on a bright sunny day.
Peak position #28
A musical journey into the vastness of God's Universe.
#42 (Sub-genre)
First foray into writing and recording after another life change, the adoption described in the previous song "One Child". Bass track was performed by Pete Kelly from the OSL Worship Team. Many thanks, Pete!
Peak in sub-genre #38 1 1
Ambient New Age sounds set to the voice of my daughter's Sing-A-Ma-Jig. Warning: listening when tired may induce sleep.
Peak in sub-genre #25
#34 (Sub-genre) 1 1
Condensed improved version of previously released song with modified arrangement of instruments. Vocals by Fred and Jessemyn, guitar by Kev~O, and bass from Mr. Pete, all members of the OSLC Worship Team. Thanks, guys!
Peak position #22 1
A simple song that hopefully gets your foot tapping and lifts your spirits.
Peak position #72
1980's synthesizer meets 2012 dance beat (or something like that.)
Peak in sub-genre #16
This song is an experiment in writing music in an unfamiliar genre. I would say this one is definitely "Out of Character."
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