Michael Peace
Pop Schaumburg, IL  USA michael-peace.com
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Michael is a one man band with over 40 years of musical experience, writing and playing songs that come from the heart and always trying to give his fans what t
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ALL I COULD SAY Happy Valentines Day (Original) -Michael Peace I wrote this song some time ago as a Valentine for my wife. My wife says, "I should use it for Valentine's day for lovers, but you have to take her name off it". You do mean, Fooshy Face
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The Instrumental Art of Michael Peace Peace and Tranquillity ROCKS
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The Instrumental Art of Michael Peace Peace and Tranquillity ROCKS
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This song was done over 25 years ago. You would have to know what a 8 track tape is to appreciate it. When you had a AM radio it was the best part of the car. Dr.Demento Tape Song Mike Peace
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Instrumental - Spirit Wind - Drums, Piano, Pan Flute, Bass and Voices.
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Instrumental - Spirit Wind - Drums, Flute, Bass, Voices and a hawk and baby hawk
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This song was written over 10 years ago for a school concert for my granddaughter. Is it supposed to be 60's
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One of the things That I wanna try When Im holding you close When I look in your eyes I wanna tell you
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Theres never been a love like ours.
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You don't know how anyone else sees you but if you are "Looking Through Me Eyes" you would get a beautiful picture.
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Dino Mazella adds his powerhouse vocals to Michaels velvety voice for this unique blend of Artistry. Flew up the Power Pop charts to #1 in just 4 days.
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Beautiful love song that most of us guys can identify with. Reached #3 spot on the Country-Pop Charts. Song Lyrics were written by Trish & LeRhay Harbin and Music composed by Michael Peace
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A Pop love song with an uptempo beat and lots of style recalling artists from the 60s and 70s when music was musical.
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I thought you might like to hear one of my instrumental compositions. This is from my first Instrumental CD recorded a few years ago.
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