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As Feminine as Lace and as Smooth as Chocolate for the Soul
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#42 (Main) 6 6
Love this song. Hope you like my version....With my new oil painting called 'Heaven's Garden'
Peak position #2 12 11
Original song by Parisien And Moore (2014)
Peak position #6 13 11
1946 song written by Mel Torme and Robert Wells. Here's my take on it from my new upgraded studio!
Peak position #6 12 10
8 8
Award-winning song. Signed for TV/Film. Voted 'most played' and 'most requested' Jan/Feb on International KMIX Radio. Selected for 'Independent No'1's Volume 5' International Album. Now with 10,000 spins per month worldwide at KMIX Radio.
Peak position #26 10 9
Santa's gone AWOL! The world is in CHAOS! What will we do without Santa? Please come home Santa! A crazy little fun song by Laurel Moore.
Peak position #40 8 8
For release to radio worldwide.
Peak position #24 10 9
Arranged and performed by Laurel Moore I wanted to capture the storminess and weariness of the long journey, facing storms and untold obstacles along the way (with some jazzy chord voicings) For Christmas radio release.
Peak position #17 14 11
Signed for TV/Film. My arrangement of the Classic 'The Christmas Song' (remastered) for radio release. With arrangement, Vocals and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore.
Peak position #3 13 10
Original song by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Sung in Portuguese by Laurel Moore. Backing track created and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore. Chosen for 'Goa Chillout Vol.6' out to Virgin Megastore and 10,000 media outlets worldwide.
Peak position #1 13 11
Original song and Piano played by Tony Gayle. Lyrics, Vocals and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore
Peak position #86 9 8
Original song by:Johnny Mercer, Michel Legrand, Eddie Barclay and Eddy Marnay. Guitar by Steve Parisien. Vocals, Arrangement and Tenor Saxophone played by Laurel Moore
Peak position #6 6 5
Based on the Cole Porter song 'Night And Day'. My Radio Jingle the 'THEME TUNE' for JAMMAMERICA RADIO
#66 (Sub-genre) 6 6
My NEW Chillout Dance Track Chosen for 'Independent Artists Vol. 4'. Featuring some of the best Indie Artist worldwide. Out to 10,000 Media Outlets including Virgin Megastore.
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