Musan Dera
World Lier, USA
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Somewhere in between genres.
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#24 (Sub-genre) 7 7
"This is GREAT! I loved this one, what a great intro and the harmonies filled so gut with the bass line, and when the rythm guitar started the main riff I was completely catched from this oustanding new work......"
Peak in sub-genre #36 16 17
Made for the Clicker's Club "Sea" Challenge of January 17th, 2015. "Wonderful sounds and ocean-scapes in all aspects! You have created a mysterious blue world."
Peak in sub-genre #37 17 17
For the Clicker Club's Dance Ditties Challenge on November 11th 2017. "Smashing dance track with many diverse musical passages and elements to keep you on the dance floor moving your body."
Peak position #20 15 15
For the Clicker Club's Dance Ditties Challenge on November 11th 2017. "Nice intro and then it kicks into high gear with cool electro vocals it feels like a DJ club in New York."
Peak position #8 11 11
For the Glamorous Camel Song Challenge of the Clickers Club on March 3th 2018. "I feel like I am in a smoky bar in Algiers."
#19 (Sub-genre) 20 20
For the STRANGE DAYS Challenge of August 2017, Clickers Club. "Then the electric piano drops in and the sun comes out."
#6 (Sub-genre) 16 14
"this is dazzling. love the oriental instruments with all twists and turns. very imaginative. the title reminds me of Wu Zetian the first female Emperor in china."
Peak position #11 10 10
"I would listen to the intro looped all day."
#33 (Main) 19 15
"To emulate a butterfly in music is not easy"
Peak in sub-genre #37 20 20
For the Private Eye Station, the Challenge of the Clickers Club of February 27th. "Enthralling, new sound combinations that captivate, all in a smooth polished package."
Peak position #37 16 13
"I'm really loving the chords and the open airy groove."
Peak position #47 18 16
"An effective r&b flavor that is cool, determine, and delicious to taste."
#83 (Sub-genre) 14 13
"I feel like I'm being chased through a dark alley."
Peak position #52 12 11
"A D&B "Fantabulous" track."
Peak position #73 12 6
"This is a very nice selection of music which harkens back to the early age of minimalism. I like the synth tones and patterns. Nice little events happening within the mezmorizing synthesis."
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