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Just a guy who likes to make music, with friends, or alone. I try not to stop.
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Dave Raspberry and i got to writing again - feeling a super progressive vibe.. what else is new? Really liking where this is going... UPDATE: We finally finished the track! and its f*** ing cool, hope you guys dig it!
Peak position #82
Another random piece of music created when Dave and I set aside a full day's worth of time to work on a track, i still feel there could be a lot added to this song, but i do like what we've got so far Aug 9th 2012 - UPDATE - trying a new arrangement
Peak position #35 1
This song just kinda happened - Dave L and i got together and wanted to do something new, in CGCFAD which isnt a tuning i'd used much recently but a lot just flowed out - id imagine more dynamic in the finished version and definitely more parts
Peak position #10 1
Another song im working on with my buddy Dave L. This one has a sh** load of potential, but is far from done at this point.
thats right i made the mistake of deleting everything i recorded after rendering this sample... god dammit hahaha
Peak position #49
Got bored tonight since i couldnt really do anything - i may spice this up a bit but heres what ive already got haha
Peak position #45
Just spent all night writing, recording, polishing this song - pretty satisfied with it right now - what do you guys think? PS Happy Thanksgiving
Peak position #60
New track for the Ghosts Of Shadow Moses - Ive re-used a riff from an old song that i've previously written off, but it seems to work better in this context :D
Who says i dont listen to the Beatles?!?!
Peak position #91
Charlie, Ron and I from Sawed-Off Shogun got drunk and thought a good Idea equals making random lyrics over a pantera ripp off riff - Enjoy haha
Sexy little jam that will be about drinkin a lot
Peak in sub-genre #42
First Acoustic jam with Cam and the help of Dave ....Kewl
Sawed Off Shogun aims to prove to the world that America and Canada have finally settled all their differences and made a beautiful new uni-national anthem - God Bless Oh Merica!
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
I was bored one night and this happened - first time i'd written a song alone in a while - not sure where its going in terms of projects.. and even in terms of finalization, but i like this WIP result.
Peak position #51 2
Another f*** ing awesome song - 5 hours working produced this... and as cameron just said, apparently he jizzed himself... twice... oh my god...
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