Jeff Kratzman - Christian Music
Rock Johnstown, OH  USA
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Jeff Kratzman
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Peak in sub-genre #13
Takamine 12-string/Legend. A blonde telecaster through a Bassman on the chorus.
Peak in sub-genre #6
One pass demo using a Vista HD28 with sharp delay done at the same time as the vocals. I overdubbed an electric guitar on the chorus a 21st Century Clean with a Full-drive 2.
Peak in sub-genre #16
One pass demo with a single acoustic guitar, bass, overdubbed dirty electric guitar on Chorus and backgrounds on chorus
Peak in sub-genre #19
A bit of rock and roll through competing Matchless Amps (Chief/D-20). G&L bass is played through a A & E amp to give it a livelier sound.
Peak in sub-genre #11
Electric version of an acoustic song. One main electric, with Stereo acoustics on the verse and a 12-string acoustic on the chorus only. I did the lead work using a Fulldrive Mosfet into a 18 Watt Marshall (modeled).
Peak in sub-genre #15
Ovation Legend with a stereo chorus overdubbed with a Ash/Maple Zolla Electric with a Full Drive 2 MOSFET fed through a Pod XT,
Peak in sub-genre #11
2 different electrics straddle one stereo acoustic (#1). Song is actually in a drop tuning with a partial capo, with a sharp double echo. Song is inspired by Luke 19:40. Maybe just a hint of Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen
Song is based on a public domain poem by * Nathaniel Hawthorne Go to the Grave. I added 2 verses and music. Main acoustic guitar is a Takamine F-360S. There is also Takamine F-400 on the verses and an electric on the choruses.
Peak position #70
One live pass of an Ovation Legend acoustic guitar. There are no strings, but I have played some multi-tap delay tricks to give it that feel.
#18 (Sub-genre) 1
One pass of my #1 and an overdubbed electric. Dave Rosky provided the bass. The song is based on a public domain 1919 Poem by Annie Johnson Flint with modernized words. I discarded the traditional music in favor of a more sparse arrangement.
Live one pass of an HD-28 and vocal. Wrote it at 9:00 and finished the mix by 11:00.
Peak in sub-genre #26
This was originally a live song, but I ended up multi tracking the chorus. There is one and only one guitar and its live, gaffs and all. Its finger style on #1 with LR Baggs pickup through a guitar pre-amp with a Delay. Remixed in 2014.
Peak in sub-genre #62
Live one pass with Takamine F-400.
Peak in sub-genre #10 1 1
Song started as a one pass demo, but I utilized to do a substantial amount of MIDI and audio trouble shooting. The guitar and vocals are the original Guitar/Vocal pass done with a Vista HD-28 using a Shure SM81.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1 1
Simple demo with two overdubbed electrics. Song reminds if a classic end of first side song that's not that transitions the album from one side to the other. Lost and Found...
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