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For me theme, texture and substance of a piece of music are the spirit in the music. We ought to get back to those roots so cliche is erased from our vocabulary
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Willy Cruz wrote this song for Nonoy Zuniga. It was a monster hit. Before he passed away, he sent me a midifile of this song but done in a samba...bossa nova feel. I rendered it in my studio, taking nothing away and adding nothing. Enjoy.
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To commemorate two thousand fourteen years since Jesus came into our midst to give us the greatest gift...reconnecting us with the Father. One gift...for Eternity.
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A new take on A TIME FOR LOVE
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I've been on a roll with creativity and the Holy Spirit. In wanting to glorify the name of the Father, here's another song (still in demo mode) I hope the faithful will want to sing at worship service. You will kindly forgive my 'amateurish' vocals
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A song I wrote for Jacqui Magno in 1985. Included in the band are Boy Katindig, Robin Aristorenas, Sonny Tolentino () and Cesar Yumping. Hope you like it
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A worship song in the making. Will upload the final once it's done. Christians may use it then for worship if you find it worthy as an offering.
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ETHNIC ETHER is so titled because it really is nothing but ether. In experimenting with new styles, I made this very rough demo just in case the opportunity presented itself. It has no theme per se. It's best played while driving down a long r
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For all those who swoon at the thought of entering a dream relationship, here's my arrangement of the classic A TIME FOR LOVE.
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In preparation for the 40th Anniversary of ABS CBN, the distinguished TV network commissioned me to write a piece of music depicting their Sarimanok trademark. The Flying Sarimanok came to be the station's ID for many years.
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Indigenous to the northern tribes are bamboo, brass instruments. I played the nose flute, bungkaka, kolitong and sageypos on this piece I specially arranged for Jacqui magno (circa 1987)
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In 1999, the Bolkiahs of Brunei launched their new airline called Royal Brunei Air. There being no orchestra in their fair country, they asked me to write their company song, record it with a Philippine orchestra. Here is the rough instrumental ve
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This is just a home demo. Lyrics by BUTCH MONSERRAT (Australia) Music by JUN LATONIO (Philippines Demo Vocals by GINA PANIZALES (Malaysia)
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