Bulletproof Peach
Rock Manipal, India myspace.com/bulletproofpeach
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College band dreams, mixed talents same perception of music, thinking outside the box, craving for new sounds, to be able to speak the universal language of mus
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#43 (Sub-genre)
for the people who care to change the world..
Peak in sub-genre #9
I see blueberry trolls in trance :)
Peak in sub-genre #40
another fusion song feat ekbal the crazy tabla man
Peak in sub-genre #42
For all em' hard to get girls and the "sucker for hard to get girls" guys
Peak in sub-genre #43
There is some kind of war going on everyday today and one day the human race will bring the end of the world upon them.
Peak position #84 2
The first song of its kind the band has made... changes totally as the song progresses..
Peak in sub-genre #38
Well... we're musicians..
Peak position #24 3
a crazzzzy song about college life... beatboxin, guitars, pissed off profs... thats what its all about!
Peak in sub-genre #16 3
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
When she make your days feel sunny :)
Peak in sub-genre #70 3
Inspired by the illusion of rainbows underwater. As good as it looks, we gotta come up to the surface eventually to breath.
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