Rock Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Demo of my Larrivee (with pick)
Demo of my Larrivee (fingerstyle)
Demo of my Larrivee (fingerstyle)
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Guitar competition entry - create a zombie theme!
Riff entry for online competition
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Cover of Ice 9 at Bath International Guitar Festival. My guitar's the louder one and plays the first solo!
Peak in sub-genre #83
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Peak in sub-genre #52
DaveM's forum backing track; my attempt.
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My attempt over my backing track
My simple backing track for the forum jam. Chords: Emadd2, Cmaj7#4 (Em) Bbmaj7#4, Dmadd2 (Dm) Bmaj7#4 (B lydian) Metal bit: F#5, C5 (F#m, C major) The end of the metal bit is just C5, G5, Gb5, F5 repeated. Country-ish bit: Fmaj, G#maj
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Train Ride
Electronic - Games Soundtrack
Cut together soundtrack from my randomizing generative arts project "Train Ride". Play it it here: -/- -/-
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