The Urban Guerilla Farmerz On Probation
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Hip-hop, thrashcore, speedmetal, funk, r&b, rock, acoustic influenced crazy bunch of music makers. No boundaries, just fun.
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Peak in sub-genre #29
Listen to the words.....and it will come to u. Or not.
Peak in sub-genre #30
You could say that this is our krew's theme song. "When in doubt, smokedaf***out."
This song is about what the man feeds you if you work for a living.
Just...I don't know, hahahah. Musical puke from within.
Peak in sub-genre #78
This song is dedicated to not only my parents but all the parents of the world who are in their twilight years and being forgot by their family.
Peak position #62
A more violent result of the 1st "Chump.." song.
A song about a scapegoat that I know. The dude gets hassled ALL the time.
You gotta a6sk your6self's wh6y? Why can't this world get it together? I don't know sometimes...
Each song was done in less than 2 hrs., stoned and right b4 we had to go to work. Then we mixed it into this 5 min. mess.
Peak in sub-genre #81
A song about contemplating suicide .
If we don't take heed the lyrics of this song, we might as well be dead.
Ragtime piano blues a la hippa hoppa stylee, foolio.
Monteloco freestylin and delcruncho just as well w/ the music.
This song is NOT a UGFOP song, but one that delcruncho made up the main riff for. MC Monteloco raps, Giovanni plays the cello and acoustic bass and Eddie from Backhouse Studios is doin' the producing.Cruncho played bass and guitar.
Yo no se en ingles is ..."I don't know..." cuz I don't remember what I named this song when I was in my metal band.
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